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We offer two different Alpaca Visits.
1)  The Alpaca Experience (Walking)
2)  Meet The Alpacas (Non-walking)
We are open Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays/Mondays.

Experiences are 10.30am or 2pm & are p
Please scroll down to view each one
Gift Vouchers are available for all our visits




Why not come and join us at Madash Alpacas to experience these enchanting creatures.

You will get to meet our boys, our girls and our young Cria (baby Alpacas). 

Learn about their origins, care & husbandry.

Get to feel their soft, luxurious fleece and discover their individual personalities.

There will be opportunities to feed them some goodies (which we will provide) and to take photographs to remind you of your experience.

This experience includes alpaca walking. The walk lasts approx 30/40 minutes

The Alpaca Experience is 90 minutes in total.


1 x Person (16 yrs and over) walking 1 x Alpaca     £25.00 each 

2 x Persons sharing one alpaca (6 - 15yrs old will need to share with an adult) £35.00 

Persons joining the whole experience but not walking/Sharing an alpaca £10.00 each

Times: 10.30am or 2pm


*  All persons walking an alpaca on their own must be 16 yrs old and over.

*  All children must be accompanied by an adult (18+yrs), who will responsible for their    

   supervision for the duration of the visit.

*  Under 16 yrs old must share an alpaca with a paying adult (18+ yrs old).

*  The duration of the alpaca walk will be approx 40 minutes on local footpaths with

   some uneven ground and suitable footwear must be worn. Wellies, trainers, walking

   boots are fine. Sandals/open toed shoes, high heels are not suitable. The entire  

   experience is outdoors, so please ensure you wear suitable clothing.

*  If your are a slow walker, unsteady on your feet or have an injury which impacts on

   your walking ability, then the walk will not be suitable. (Meet the Alpaca's would be a

   better option).

*  You must be able to use both hands to hold the lead rope and control your alpaca. If

   you cannot do this, then the alpaca walk is not suitable for you. (Meet the Alpaca's

   would be a better option).

*  Alpacas can be scared or surprised by sudden sounds/movement. This means that your

   alpaca may suddenly pull or shy during the walk. This is not common/usual but it is

   possible. You must be confident that you have the strength to hold the alpaca if he

   suddenly pulls forward during the walk.

​*  The walks are not suitable for buggies/prams, very young children (unless carried).

*  If you are not sure, then please telephone us and we will advise whether the walk is



Come and spend an hour with these enchanting creatures.

Learn all about their origins, care & husbandry.

Get to feel their luxurious fleece.

You will be able to feed them their favourite treats (which we will supply). 

There will be photo opportunities to remind you of your experience.

This is a 1 hour experience & does not involve walking alpacas.


1 x Adult (16yrs & over)  £18.00

1 x Child (6 yrs & over)  £10.00


Times: 10.30am or 2pm


Cancellations in circumstances other than on the day inclement weather must be made no less than 72hrs before. You will be invited to reschedule a maximum of once per booking. Cancellations under 72hrs cannot be rescheduled & will not be subject to a refund.

We reserve the right to cancel if, due to the nature of the business, circumstances arise that are out of our control. A full refund will be made if rebooking is not an option.


Booking is essential to secure any of the visit.

    You can telephone or email (please don't contact on Facebook Messenger) giving:-

  •     Your chosen experience. 

  •     Your preferred date.

  •     Preferred Time (10.30am or 2pm).

  •     Your name & telephone contact number.

  •     How many people in your group  adults/children.



Tel: Maddie Ashworth 07813-350558 




Payment is cash on the day (we do not accept cards)



For Full Directions to the Alpacas please visit the Contact page


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