This years babies (2020)

Its been a funny sort of year, what with all the coronavirus and stuff. Obviously we have been closed for visits since lockdown started, but at last we've been able to reopen with a few restrictions.

The winter was shocking and we were flooded out for large parts of it, and up to our knees in mud, as were the Alpacas.

But its birthing season now, and they've been arriving in quick succession. At time of writing we've had 7 , four of them in four days, still got another 3 to go.

One of them was a little boy that we've named DeNiro, he was born a month early so was very underweight, initially we were concerned he hadn't had his colostrum from his mum so he was given a transfusion of blood plasma, we've also been supplementing him with a bottle as his mum isn't producing as much milk as we would have liked. But he seems to be strong and is gradually putting on weight, although he's still very knock knee'd due to his ligaments being very lax.

And customers new and old are starting to come back eager to get out and start enjoying life again. Look forward to seeing you Maddie x

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