Updated: Sep 11, 2018

With us both being technophobes, building a new website from scratch was always going to be fun , not!!.

But we are getting there, we've managed to add a few photos and stuff, which at least gives folks an idea of what we are all about and where we are.

The babies are growing fast and starting to show their characters, it won't be long now until they are weened, which is never a pleasant time for them, but they soon get used to it.

After the dry summer we've had to get in extra hay as its likely there will be a shortage over the winter.

The boys field shelter is now finished and the old carpet from our living room has been laid for them (i kid you not), but they don't seem too pleased with the colour and now they just stand outside wondering if its safe to enter.

Halter training is continuing with the boys and they are walking much better now, we're now ready for the walking season.

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